Wholesale Energy Traders

How to generate energy production schedules for the next 24/48 hours? Renewable energy production depends on the weather – that’s why contract scheduling can be so difficult.

The use of predictive methods with a combination of AI models based on reliable weather forecasts allows to reduce the difference between planned and actual production. In this way, you can reduce the costs of participation in the balancing market.

What do you gain with 4RES?

  • Increased profit by reducing the difference between forecasted and produced energy (balancing market costs)
  • Lower costs by automating the scheduling process
  • One tool for the forecasting of many dispersed generating units concentrated in virtual power plants (VPP)

The prediction process in 4RES

The 4RES prediction process consists of three phases – they result in cyclically generated energy production schedules. They arise from the joint operation of many predictive models.

Check out the process step by step:

How to implement 4RES?

Based on our experience, we are able to implement the 4RES software within 4 weeks of signing the contract. A convenient model is the use of 4RES in the form of a cloud service (SaaS). See the implementation process:

Why should you choose 4RES?

The source of weather data are short-term forecasts retrieved automatically from Interdisciplinary Center for Mathematical and Computational Modeling of the University of Warsaw (ICM).

We have built up our experience on the generation forecasting for 200 renewable energy locations with a total capacity of 650 MW.

As a Research and Development Center, we have experience in implementing new, innovative solutions for the energy sector. Learn more about our R&D solutions and projects.

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