Energy Producers

Do you want to trade energy on your own and optimally select the service windows of your equipment for this?

Based on detailed meteorological and technical data as well as production history, we will perform analyses and prepare forecast models and energy production schedules so that you are ready to trade the generated energy on your own and can rationally plan maintenance work on devices, minimizing the losses associated with the reduction of available power.

Do you need forecasts well in advance for the needs of the DSO?

As part of the offered service, we provide production forecasts for each hour of the day for the day ahead in the short-term model and additionally for nine days ahead in the medium-term model.

Now you can generate energy production schedules and plan maintenance work in advance.

What do you gain with 4RES?

  • Predictability of generated energy for small and large RES
  • Daily production forecasts in the form of ready-made schedules
  • Support in the preparation of maintenance and repair plans
  • Optimization of outages

The prediction process in 4RES

The 4RES prediction process consists of three phases – they result in cyclically generated energy production schedules. They arise from the joint operation of many predictive models.

Check out the prediction process:

How to implement 4RES?

The implementation of 4RES in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model is described in the following steps. The service delivery can start up within one week from the beginning of the implementation procedure.

Why should you choose 4RES?

The source of weather data are short-term forecasts retrieved automatically from Interdisciplinary Center for Mathematical and Computational Modeling of the University of Warsaw (ICM).

We have built up our experience on the generation forecasting for 200 renewable energy locations with a total capacity of 650 MW.

As a Research and Development Center, we have experience in implementing new, innovative solutions for the energy sector. Learn more about our R&D solutions and projects.

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