Distribution and Transmission System Operators

How to control the impact of renewable energy production on the power grid? The growing number of unstable renewable energy sources (including prosumers) has an impact on the electric network, causing various unfavorable phenomena, including energy balancing problems.

The more accurate energy production forecasts (including the growing share of prosumers) assigned to key power grid nodes, the greater is the stability of operation and security of the national power system.

What do you gain with 4RES?

  • Knowledge of local renewable energy production
  • Information on renewable energy flows in medium and high voltage networks
  • Data for local balancing
  • Increasing stability of the power grid

The prediction process in 4RES

In addition to energy production schedules from individual plants or their groups (VPPs), 4RES provides predictions of the additional energy flows through power grid nodes, up to 10 days in advance.

Check out the prediction process:

How to implement 4RES?

Due to high standards in IT security of DSO’s and TSO’s, the preferable deployment model is on-premise.

The software is installed on the company’s IT infrastructure and provides continuous access to information on production from renewable energy sources. It is important when planning the development of the network and connecting new generating units.

Why should you choose 4RES?

The source of weather data are short-term forecasts retrieved automatically from Interdisciplinary Center for Mathematical and Computational Modeling of the University of Warsaw (ICM).

We have built up our experience on the generation forecasting for 200 renewable energy locations with a total capacity of 650 MW.

As a Research and Development Center, we have experience in implementing new, innovative solutions for the energy sector. Learn more about our R&D solutions and projects.

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